Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Got my email invite to the Wonderlic test. Here's hoping I can beat Vince Young's score.


  1. Hey ,

    I m really interested in animation mentor but i would like to know more about the wonderlic test. Indeed, i answered to the different questions ( why i want to become an animator ... ). But i dunno how is the wonderlic test, i mean, what kind of questions you had ( about what ? animation ? ), did you have enough time to complete what you wanted ? How are the math questions ? According to you, what were the main problems you encountered ?

    Thanks a lot for your help and i hope you spend good time in AM :)

    You can write to me at sebcinema@gmail.com

  2. The Wonderlic is a standardized test to show you grasp simple concepts and can read/write english I think. It was very easy. Nothing to do with animation. It was things like: "Circle, Square, Rectangle, Tuba. Which of these does not belong."