Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open House

Yesterday AM opened up its office to students & family ... and us stalking webcam people. Pretty cool interacting with people as they mingled. Even got a tour of the place. Lots of people on the cam/chat knew lots of people touring. I really like this place so far. I so can't wait to start. Meanwhile today, I'm working on a fairly simple walkcycle for a weekly assignment between some friends.


  1. Hey Reed! How're you doin? Man, I totally missed the open house! I think it was at the same time I was flying back from LA... Must have been cool... Anyway, I just wanted to say I saw your t-rex animation here and it looks really awesome!! Great job!!! See ya in the campus! =)

  2. Holy crap! My first reply (I think!? I should check my other posts). I didn't know anyone looked here...haha. Anyway, yeah, I was in/out since it was over my lunch hour at work, but the parts I saw were really cool. The community of this place is amazing. Thanks for the T-Rex love, see ya there!