Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 7 - Parkour Polish / Final

And here's the final shot.

Week 6 - Parkour Refning

More Parkour. Here I'm in linear and working on refining the animation

Week 5 - Parkour Blocking

Blocked out my shot this week

Week 4 Pt. 2 - Parkour Planning

Soo, Week 4 I also started planning my Parkour Shot. Here's what I did for Reference, Thumbnails, and a small previz thing.

I started by searching Youtube and splicing together some reference of what I wanted to do.

I then created some thumbnails.

And then I ended with a small previz of the character moving through the scene to get an idea of his size and work out some of the logistics.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 4 - 180 Turn - Polish

Aaaand here's the final version of my 180 Turn.

Week 3 - 180 Turn - Refining

This week was refining!

Week 2 - 180 Turn - Blocking

Alrighty, this week I blocked out my shot.

Week 1 - 180 Turn - Planning

So for first Class 2 assignment I opted to do the 180 turn around. I decided to have a guy get hit in the head and basically stumble around off balance and fall down.

Here's my reference I shot. (About 1/100th of my actual footage. I was SORE after all the falling.)

Here's my thumbnails based off my reference I shot.