Thursday, June 30, 2011

Class IV - Stairway to Acting

Alrighty, break is over and it's time to dive into Class 4 - Introduction to Acting. This is where things really get though. Not only do you have to have solid mechanics, you have to show your character thinking & reacting. There will only be two assignments to do this class (other than some minor pose ones). The first one will be a pantomime shot with Stewie and the second will the start of a full acting shot with Bishop. Here goes nothing!

My new mentor is T.Dan Hofstedt. Check out his page and his reels (especially the 2d one ... don't forget to pick your jaw up off the floor after.) Anyway, just had my first Q&A with him & the rest of the class here last night and I do believe it's going to be an amazing term. T. Dan actually worked with Mark Pudleiner (previous mentor) at Don Bluth Studios as well as Disney. That's pretty cool. So far I've had 2 straight Blue Sky guys who know each other and now 2 straight Disney/Bluth guys who know each other.

And away we go ...

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