Monday, November 8, 2010

Attack of the Updates

Ok, so I've been slacking in putting my work up here, so I just spammed my own blog with a bunch of updates.

They're really nothing special ... in my class we're encouraged to keep our assignments super simple to make them the best we can, which I can agree with. I've seen more than a handful of people who try to make their bouncing ball assignments do things they shouldn't be just to fit some story. Of course there are people who have a little story and do the assignment great ... anyway, I'm keeping my assignments *mostly* simple per my mentor's request.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. New assignments each week ... they seem like the simplest things but you wind up overthinking them and kinda wondering if what you have is right or wrong. We just did a pendulum which I'll update after my mentor tears it apart and I do a revision. I over complicated my idea last week and wound up scrapping it like Thursday night (That's like 4 days wasted for those counting at home) and doing something much simpler. It got pretty good feedback in my workspace but I'm not that optimistic.

This week is Tailor (or some big one legged ball thing) ... I already have an early jump on that one which is great.

Anyhoot, that's about it. AM is awesome. I love the almost nightly Q&A sessions with Alumni. Between that and the communication methods between other students (Skype, Ventrilo, AMConnect), it's almost like you're working in a lab at a school with a bunch of people, but instead of being in a hot computer lab at 2am, you're at home drinking beer without pants on.

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