Friday, October 22, 2010

Timing and Spacing and Bears ... Oh My...

Week 4 of AM already, holy crap! So far we've been working on poses and bouncing balls. I'll try and get some of my work up here this weekend (ya ain't missing much so far).

The poses are going pretty well overall for me. It's all about starting with a strong line of action for me. Get the weight right, clear silhouette, express an attitude.

The technical work in a bouncing ball is almost absurd ... but I do have to say it has been good to do these. I'm sure I've done them at some point in the past, but I can't really remember taking this amount of time to just really try and knock them out of the park. All in the timing & spacing baby. My shot ideas are terribly boring, but that's how my mentor wants them, so I'm not trying to add a whole lot. Some other students are just going all out with crazy setups. I guess he has a point, these aren't going to be on any demo reels ... it's still fun to be a little creative if it isn't going to detract from the quality.

Anyway, just to wrap up this rambling ... AM so far is pretty damn cool. Biggest bonuses are 1. the community of friends you make, 2. being able to look at everyone's work and feedback, and 3. having alumni do nightly Q&A sessions where you can join and have a pro look at your work and give feedback. I dropped in on Travis Tohill this week just to watch. How many people get ILM animators to review their work in depth? Damn cool.

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